Wysiwyg in Word

Aug 10, 2023
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How can I be sure that what is on my screen will be accurately printed? Here's the problem:

I do a lot of work in Word set at 100%: the image on-screen, though, is not A4 but 205 x 293mm. If I place a 9 x 7cm rectangle in the document, it appears as 93 x 72mm but then is printed as 8.46 x 6.65cm; a 5cm circle on-screen is shown as 5.15 cm, and printed as 4.7cm.

Can anyone explain this? I didn't spend a lot of money on a computer just to brush up my guesswork.

I'm using Windows 10, the screen is an AOC 2450W (22") and the printer a Brother J5910DW

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