AutoCAD drawing object into Word


Jean Maraval

I copied a drawing from AutoCAD layout to the clipboard.
Then I pasted it in a Word document, using paste special, AutoCAD drawing
object and Paste Link.
After I do a change on the dwg file and want the Word document to be be
updated (using "Update link" or selecting "Yes" at the prompt when opening
the Word document) then the "picture" represents the whole AutoCAD Layout
page and because their ratio are not homotetic, empty space between the
AutoCAD drawing and default Word picture box then gets filled with gray.
What are the proper steps to ensure that updating link won't change the
picture format in Word ?
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Keith Howell

This response is a bit of a 'works for me' so I wonder what is different?
I am still on Word 2002 and I use QuickCAD which I understand is a subset of
AutoCAD (for fairly complex drawings designing solar simulation equipment).
The one thing I do do is to turn off automatic creation of the drawing canvas.

Are you absolutely sure the AutoCad drawing background is genuine white,
what happens if you try other colours as an experiment

I hope this goes some way towards helping

Jean Maraval

thanks for your answer
We are using Word 2003 and AutoCAD Mechanical 2004 DX
Because of time constraint I had to abandon investigating with links.
What works the best for me to copy AutoCAD drawings into Word is:
- to right click on the drawing in Word and select Edit picture to show the
- then do a "Fit" and "Scale" (grabing bottom right corner to maintain

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