Can't open two Exel windows



I'm running Windows XP using Office 2007 and just recently (after using the
Office update site and adding the .pdf file save add-in) Excel will not open
twice (in two seperate windows). I do not have this problem with any other
Office program, just Excel. Additionally, from Windows Explorer, if I
double-click on an Excel file, Windows recognizes the file as an Excel file
and will attempt to open, but then provides an error message saying that it
encountered a problem and must be restarted. If I submit the error report
and leave the check box to restart, Excel restarts normally, but as a blank
workbook (not the file I orignally double-clicked on). If I load Excel
normally (without a file associated with it) I have no problem and I can open
Excel workbooks normally once Excel is loaded. All of my other Office
programs do not have this problem (I can open them by by double clicking a
file and I can open two windows of the same program). I tried using the
'Repair' option on the installation CD but Excel still has the same problem.


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