Draw Visio stencils?


Andrew Lopez

Hey Guys,

Not sure whether this question belongs to this section or not. I am new to Visio and have just started using it. I want to learn how to create Visio stencils. Anybody have any idea? Any steps or guide anything will be of great help.

Thanks in advance.



Jessica Smith

Hey Andrew,

There is are many <a href=http://visiotoolbox.com/academicshapes/>Visio stencils</a> available at its official website (http://www.visiotoolbox.com). However, if you still want to learn how to create Visio stencils then follow the steps below:

1) Open Microsoft Visio. Click "File" on the main menu bar and choose "Shapes." Select "New Stencil."

2) Right-click underneath the title bar and select "New Master." Type in a name for the shape that you will be using in the stencil and click "OK." A graph drawing area will open.

3) Click "Insert" and select "Picture" if you are going to use an image saved to your hard drive for the new stencil. Select "From File" and choose the image file. Click "OK." Position the image on the graph by clicking on it and dragging it into place. Re-size the image by clicking on a corner anchor and dragging the image larger or smaller.

4) Click "File" and choose "Open" to use a Visio drawing for the new stencil. Select the drawing file and click "OK." The drawing will appear in the left-hand pane. Click on the left-hand corner of the drawing and drag the mouse over the drawing to select the entire drawing. Drag the drawing over to the stencil's graph drawing area and drop.

5) Right-click on the title bar located on the top of the stencil. Choose "Save." Create a name for the new stencil and choose "Save." The stencil will automatically be saved to the My Shapes folder.

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