Error on Self-Assign Team Tasks page



PS2007 SP2 Dec09 CU

I created my first team and team resource, but after a project is published
with the team resource assigned to a task, team members will get an error
page when trying to access the Self-Assign Team Tasks page.

Here's how i set up the team.
1. created a look up table with five values all on the same level.
2. kept the default settings for the code mask on the look up table and saved
3. Edited the Team Name field to use the new look up table and saved.
4. opened the enterprise resource pool and selected several resources.
5. added the Team Name column and selected the same team for each.
6. added the team Assignement Pool column and verified No was set for all
7. created a new generic resource with a fname, lname, team name, and
selected yes in the team Assignment Pool.
8.Saved the ERP.
9. opened my project and added the team resource to the plan, then added the
resource to a task and published.

Everything seems to work fine until i publish the team resource to a task.

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