Excel for Mac 2011 function.



Hello, everyone.

I have been trying to find a function in Excel but haven't had any luck. Myspreadsheet has many different but recurring entires in a row that I need to count. They are text entries and do appear many times over the entire length of my spreadsheet. Let me make this clearer. One of the rows lists countries. There are multiple countries listed but since this is a long spreadsheet I don't know how many exactly are listed and how many times each of them appears.

I wish to find a function that can do the following:

1. List each country that appears on this row and, if possible, list them in descending order from the one that appears the greatest number of times to the one that appears the least.

2. List next to them how many times each country is listed on this row.

Is there a function that can do this in Excel ?

In case the information is relevant I am running both Excel 2008 and Excel 2011 for Mac (both part of the Office for Mac package).

Thank you in advance,


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