Group emails based on Sender and Recipient email address



I am using Outlook 2007.
I have grouped the inbox emails based on the field "From" that is not the
sender email address but the name that the sender wants to be displayed.
It happens not so rarely that the sender changes the name he/she wants to be
displayed in his/her account setting. In this case I have two different names
in my inbox emails and so they are grouped as if they were two different
contacts, but the sender email address is the same.
I need to group emails based on the sender email address but, apparently, I
can't find that field on Outlook fields.
I have the same need regarding the sent emails. I try to explain why. Let's
make an example: I have received in my inbox an email from "John Doe"
<[email protected]>. I create one contact in Outlook contacts folder,
naming it "John Doe". I input for the contact "John Doe" the email address
(e-mail address removed) and I input "Johnny" as the relative "Display as" field .
I have grouped the sent emails based on the "To" field that is, again, the
displayed name and not the recipient email address. If I reply to the email
received in my inbox from "John Doe" this sent email is grouped under the
name "John Doe", instead if I create a new message and I input in the "To"
field the name "Johnny" that is the displayed name associated to "John Doe"
in my contacts list this sent email is grouped under the name "Johnny" even
if the recipient email address is for both cases (e-mail address removed). I need
to group the sent emails based on the recipient email address but I can't
find a way to do it.
Thanks a lot for any help.





Diane Poremsky [MVP]

Outlook doesn't expose the fields you need to do this but it is possible.
See for help exposing the From
field. You can group by it once you add it.

You'd need a cfg file for the To field (which I don't have available as most
people just want to expose the From field). You can use advanced find to
find all messages sent to the email address - this meets the need for most

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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