Help with excel to web



Hi all...

I am wondering if that is possible.

I have no idea about web programing, but I need help if someone knows.

I need to make question in excel based on checkboxes.

Every question has 2 answers. If you choose first then you go to one question if you choose second then you go to another question. And so on. Around 10 question like that.

That isnt a problem, if formulas are doing the trick for all.

But thing is. Client want to import it to his webpage. I am wondering if it is posible to show only few rows (basically one question) on webpage and if you click next it will move to next question.

So for example, every question with answer is taking 5 rows in excel. First question is from 1-5 row, second 6-10 row and so on. So I am wondering can he make on his page buttons next and previous, so it only shows 5 rows from excel.

First show only 1-5 rows from excel, if you click next then show 6-10 rows, etc.

Is that possible?

I hope this makes sense.


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