import and other problems


David Hare-Scott

Using Outlook 2010 I have a problem importing a CSV list of contacts
containing 134 items. If I go through the import routine the first item in
the file shows up as the example to map the fields. I do not see any option
(as in Excel or Access) to treat the first item any differently. So I do
the mapping , there is only name and email. I run the import and all the
records except the first are imported into the destination folder Contacts,
so I now have 133. Why is this?

I then decided to not mess about trying to make the import do the first
record and I add that one record manually to Contacts. The record is
created but shows in a second list below the first of 133. Every one has
only two fields, name and email. I want them all in the one folder
displaying in one sorted list of 134. Why is the list then segmented and
will not sort together?

My third problem is no mail messages of any kind are visible. If I test the
email account it says all is well and it sends itself a test email. The new
mail arrival popup appears but when I go to Outlook nothing is in the inbox.
If I send from Outlook to another account it arrives OK and can be seen
using Outlook Express but nothing is in the Outlook sent items folder. If I
start to compose a new email and save it before sending nothing appears in
the drafts folder. This looks like some kind of filtering is hiding
everything but there is no filtering in effect.


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