In Windows 7 and MS Office Pro 2000, Outlook is NOT working.


Denzil Hathway

I am having to use Windows Live Mail, an integral part of Windows 7, to
access this newsgroup. I had MS Office Pro 2000 installed on Vista
previously and had simply upgraded to Windows 7. I continued to use Outlook
2000 from the Office Pro Suite exclusively daily. Everything worked fine.

For some unknown reason whilst tweaking the desktop I inadvertently deleted
Outlook. I tried to reinstall it from the Office Pro Disk both singly and as
part of the whole Suite but fail miserably. Other parts of the Suite, like
Power Point and Excel, reinstall OK.

My principal problems are exactly that ... problemS, not just one central
issue but multiple issues. All this leads me to believe that I have run into
a a compatibility problem between Outlook 2000 and Windows 7. Anybody know?

I get bizarre issues like, for example, 1) being asked for an Outlook
Password, which being a single domestic operator I have never used. 2)
Outlook tries to open but then I get a dialog that says something to the
effect that there has been an error and Outlook has to close. 3) I get
dialogs warning me that original .pst files cannot be located and asking me
if I want to start again or continue to look for them and reinstall them [as
an aside ... where?]. I'll point out again that other constituent parts of
the MS Office 2000 Pro Suite, like Power Point and Excel, reinstall OK.

What's going on? It's so expensive these days to wipe everything out and
start afresh with new up-to-date stuff. Regards, Denny.

Denzil Hathway

It was fortuitous that I chose this very moment when MS is offering its
trial of Office 2010 in Beta to post because it indirectly answers my

obviously my installation disk for Office Pro 2000 has somehow become
corrupted. Not only does Office 2010 download and install alright, it
restores my 650+ Contacts to readability.

I thought I had lost them along with Outlook 2000 forever. I suppose I'll
have to buy Office 2010 when the Beta is up. [Where does Outllook 2000 store
its .PST files, anyway?] Regards, Denzil.


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