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Am putting together a schedule for a project to build an airplane. Tasks in
the project are assigned to Zones - areas of the plane where a limited number
of mechanics can work at any one time. These Zones are assigned as Resources,
and Max Units defined for each Zone. Typical Zones are Nose, Cockpit, Cabin,
Tail, Wing, Engines, etc.

Now, several of the Zones (Cockpit and Tail) require full utilization
throughout the entire assembly cycle. Mechanics will be assigned full time to
these Zones. However, other Zones require relatively intermittent work. A
crew of "floating" mechanics will be assigned to these Zones and will move
from Zone to Zone to complete scheduled work.

Resource Levelling acts to leveal each individual resource. This has the
effect of increasing the amount of work at the beginning, and, for Zones with
less than full utilization, decreasing work at the end. I want a constant
crew size throughout the entire project. How can I level resources in Groups
- such as, Cockpit, Tail, and All Other - so that I can better manage total
crew size.



Jan De Messemaeker


Somehow or other you will have to declare these zones, or groups, as a
resource, because Project only levels resources.
I would add them as a resource to the task or use them as only resource,
depending oin what exactly you are doing with Project.
If you dd them as a resoruce, I have the feeling that in leveling you will
have to cross out the checkbox "Leveling can adjust individual assignments"
Hope this helps,

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