Network Diagram view and BoxZoom


Andy Thomas

I'm trying to use EditCopyPicture to create a gif file that I can then
insert into a powerpoint slide that shows a selection of tasks under
the NetworkDiagram view.

In the code I've used

Application.Boxzoom Entire:=True

so the gif file contains all the selected tasks I need.

I've got it all working apart from the fact that if I run the script
end to end without intervention, the gif file only holds one task as
if the boxzoom command is ignored.

However, if I put a breakpoint immediately before the BoxZoom
statement and then step into the line using F8 , it correctly zooms to
show all the tasks in need, which are then included in gif file.

I've not been able to find this mentioned in this group or anywhere
else on the internet, but I'm hoping someone will be able to help!

Thanks in anticipation

Andy Thomas


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