Outlook 2002 has an unclearable error message



I have an Office XP version of Outlook 2002.
I have recently bought a new desktop and laptop, both running under Vista.

I've loaded Outlook onto my desktop and laptop, and run all the updates to
bring them uptodate. The desktop version is fine but on the laptop I get the
following Outlook Message when opening Outlook:

"A program is trying to access e-mail addresses you have stored in Outlook.
If this is unexpected it may be a virus and you should chose 'No'".

The message is displaying oddly (quivering) and I can't clear it with either
the Yes or No buttons. I then have to close Outlook using Task Manager. I've
tried un-installing and re-installing Outlook, but with the same outcome.

Any ideas please? I woundered if Vista might be causing the problem but why
is Outlook ok on the desktop and not the laptop? The error message is headed
'Microsoft Outlook' which suggests it comes from Outlook (?).

(If the forum can't help I will try the PC Supplier (Dell) - I've only just
bought these).


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