putting chapters into file



Hi, thanks for the help on other Word 2002 questions.

What is the safest way to move multiple files, chapters,
into one long document, that is one long file?

I have not been able to make the macro that Graham Mayor
tried to help me with (boiler.dot) work to do this.

I am concerned that just by cutting and pasting, I may
lose formatting and other styles. Is it safe just to paste
8 files into one long file.

Many thanks, JF

Suzanne S. Barnhill

If I recall correctly, you were offered a number of other suggestions for
doing this. Why don't you read the answers to your previous question?

Suzanne S. Barnhill
Microsoft MVP (Word)
Words into Type
Fairhope, Alabama USA
Word MVP FAQ site: http://www.mvps.org/word

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