QBF & Query Malfunction

Jul 17, 2017
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I have 3 tables Company Name, Category, Main Input. I use a form (QBF type) to select contents from any field from the Main Input table and then run a query to show all relevant details.

This seems to work fine until I captured new records. The new records are for a new company never before captured on the Main Input table. None of the new companies details are shown when I select the company name on the QBF form.

When I go into the Main Input table all the records including the new ones, are captured and available, I can filter the table and display all the relevant records. When I use a different query to select all records by company name only it works fine and show the new company records. I can't figure out why the QBF query does not display the new company details. All of the fields on the QBF form are unbound fields. All of the fields in the query are setup as follows:
Like"*"&[Forms]![from_name]![field_name]&"*" and they are all AND queries.
All of the records that were in the Main Input table when I developed the QBF and query all worked fine. The error only happens with new records.
Any ideas as to what I am possibly doing wrong?

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