Shared Borders is grayed out in FP 2000


Stanford Lynx

I've been away --in a remote area, in the South Pacific, far from computers
and the internet-- for four plus years. I want to work on/update a web that
I originally created in Front Page 2000. It uses "Shared Borders", -- I
have been able to open that web successfully; the shared borders are there
and most everything seems OK. The "Shared Borders" command in the Format>
Dropdown Menu is (black and) functional.

But when I start a new web (using FP 2000); and open a new page-the "Shared
Borders" command in the Format> Dropdown Menu is grayed-out.


How do I enable this "Shared Borders" command in FP 2000?

I have my old FrontPage 2000 (it has been four years since I used it) and
also FrontPage 2003 though I have not used it yet.



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