Start dates of tasks not changing based on predessesors


Jodie Smith

OK, I know this has been asked a bunch of times but I am stumped. I just got project 2010 at work and for some reason none of the tasks are changingbased on the predecessors unless I delete the start and end date and the predecessor info and then retype the predecessor. Then it works. Here's whatI've checked so far:

-my tasks have a 0% complete
-I have not entered start or end date manually on any of them
-they are start as soon as possible
-I went into file options schedule and calculate project after each edit is on

So as an example, I have task A (create project plan) and task B (signoff project plan) is FS+1day
I change the duration of task A from 5 to 10days because it is taking longer than expected.
To me task B start should move but it stays the same (it used to change when I had project 2007).
This problem is through the whole project so tasks all the way along look like they are starting before they really should.


This had me stumped the first few times it happened to me.

Select the task and check under the "Task" ribbon that "Auto Schedule" is selected as opposed to "Manually schedule". You can also check this on the "general tab" on the "task information" pop up, look under "Schedule Mode".

Best of luck


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