WORD 2010 vs 2000

Jan 15, 2016
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I am trying to create a 2nd genealogy book and am having a problem with Word 2010.
I am using the genealogy software The Master Genealogist (TMG) it creates a family history report in Word and contains pictures (exhibits) within the report attached to the subject.

When I try and run this report about the last 1/3 of the pictures appear as little empty boxes. I can take the file to a MAC and look at it with PAGES and all the pictures are there and display, so the TMG program is creating the file correctly, but WORD will not display all the pictures. This is why I am thinking my problem is with WORD.

Here is some of my research of the problem:
In 2009 using TMG and MS Word 2000 I created a 634 page (including TOC & Index) genealogy book with about 608 pictures and had it published. The folder containing the pictures was 126MB. If I ran the report without pictures it was 1.92MB using the pictures it was 128MB. Everything worked beautifully.
Now with TMG and MS Word 2010 I am trying to create a smaller book that will be about 400 pages with about 346 pictures (picture folder is 48.8MB). If I run the report without pictures it is 1.06MB but with pictures it is 549MB and the last pictures are little empty boxes and the file cannot be updated or saved.
I tried running the original 2009 book again and it expands to over 1.6GB and over half of the pictures are empty boxes.
I really need to finish this new book before all the relatives I am trying to create the book for are still alive. Is there anyone I can talk to that can help me?

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