Word 2016 opening sooo slow

Feb 23, 2021
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I run stand alone office 2016 on my Mac. apparently office 2016 is no longer being supported.
I keep getting prompts across top of file to update but of course nothing happens as not available.
I have discovered that this cannot be turned off... only click X will close it. that I can handle.
find this so very frustrating.

BUT why oh why is it so very slow to open.
I even get the coloured spinning ball. I dont have any other app open taking up power.

MS really has got its users by the B _ _ _ s. I dont really care if it is not supported, I just need it to work the way it used to.
And I dont plan to purchase a newer version. before that, I will switch to another word processor.
Incidentally, Excel acts the same way!!

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