Cannot figure out how to print itinerary for the next two weeks.


Pat O

I will be traveling for the next couple of weeks. I have been putting the
meetings, air travel times, hotel information, etc into Outlook. I am now
ready to print this combined itinerary. I do not see how I can do this. If
I select the next two weeks on my calendar I get the month view. Though this
shows the title for everything and I can sort of guess the times (Hard to
tell the difference between 9:25 and 9:35). None of the other information is
listed. Some meetings are conference calls (as I will not be in the office),
so I entered the phone number, meeting number, etc in the location field of
the appointment. This is not shown. Similarly the confermation number for
my Hotel reservations is in the body of the appointment and therefore also
not shown. A friend who is better with Outlook than I, suggested that I just
use my computer to check these things. At first I thought that sounded
resonable, but then I realized that I would need these numbers, times, etc
when I was in transit. For instance when I am checking into a Hotel. A PDA
might be reasonable to use in this case (he has one), but to pull out my
laptop for this would be a pain. Additionally I would like to give my wife a
copy of this itinerary.
I did try creating a View to handle this. I did not find a way to limit a
view to the two weeks I am intersted in. Additionally the table view does
not sort by the date column in the way I would expect. That is sorting on
the date column does not put it in date order. I am not sure what order
results, but it is not chronological.

I look forward to your guidence, but I must say that I am disappointed this
is not more straight forward.

Pat O

Nikki Peterson

Please include your Outlook version for clarification in solutions. :)

Outlook 2007:
I use "The Calendar Printing Assistant for Office Outlook 2007".
I really like it.

The Calendar Printing Assistant for Office Outlook 2007 is an
application for people who need an easy way to print and customize
their Outlook 2007 calendar information. It puts you in control
of the tools you need and helps you plan and create designer-quality


"My Outlook Calendar". You can
download this from the site,
Customizable Word template for generating Outlook
weekly and monthly calendars.

This VERY COOL FREE template is run from a Word template
that when opened will read your calendar (Or any calendar
that you have access to) and build you a
completely editable calendar with all the details included.
All wrapped with complete information.

You may need to relax the Macros running in both Outlook
and MS Word.

In Microsoft Word Select:
- TOOLS menu
- Select MACRO

In Outlook there is the same process, however, I believe it
is the Microsoft Word that will try to stop the macro in the
Word Template from processing. You will want to set it
to allow or give you the choice of running it. I would only
fix the WORD security first and see if that doesn't do the


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