Display bug in Word: tables disappearing on copy and paste of text with bullet points into table

May 11, 2019
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I have come over an annoying bug in Word 2016.

If a word-document 2016

- contains at least one contentcontrol field

- contains at least one table

- has activated formprotection

and if you then by "copy & paste" insert text with bullet points into a cell of one of those tables word will in most cases hide the complete table and most times also subsequent tables (even if separate tables!).

The user experiences this as if the content had been deleted. But it is still there. If you change the view.zoom manually the table(s) show up again. The same accounts when you save the document. Even automatic-save will make the lost text appear again.

For demonstration purposes I have created a small word document that demonstrates the bug in the attachment of this tread.

One does not need to use/activate the integrated VBA-Code. The Code is just to simplify the understanding of the problem. But one can also manually copy the text from the first table to the second via "copy & paste". Be sure to delete ANY content in the destination cell before inserting from clipboard. If there are some characters left, the bug will not occur....

Many thanks in advance for any suggestion how to get rid of this problem!



  • DEBUG_1.1.zip
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Mar 2, 2012
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