Recipient not recieving emails



Our client has a windows sbs 2003 domain exchange is running using the pop3
connector for retrieval from isp and using the isps smtp for outgoing.
Outlook 2003 is running on the clients.

The problem is when one of the users emails by starting outlook, composing a
new email, filling in the contacts name which is auto filled from active
directory and sends them an email they recieve it after the pop connector
downloads it. When they use a third party application in this case sage
accounts package, and choose to email from the application. 1) It makes a pdf
file for them. 2) It composes a new email with the pdf file attached. 3) The
user fills in the contact name as normal and sends. The email never arrives
at the users in box. However i put my email address in the TO box as well and
i did recieve it.

Note: the attachment's arent particularly big i would say no more than a meg
if that.

Also if you right click a document and use the send to -> mail recipient
option this email also fails to arrive. Incidentally i should point out if
the user uses the email option and sends it to herself first she is able to
then forward the message to the user that doesnt recieve it and they do
recieve it!!!!!

Also note that the two users are on the same domain so it should not even be
sending it out of the sbs machine and going straight to the users inbox. I

I now believe i have tested all variants and discovered what instances
causes it to happen i just dont know why.

Swift help most appreciated.


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