Team Member Task Updates and Transaction Log not Correlating



We have disabled timesheet module based on customer requirements, but
use the 'My tasks' updates to keep track of hours entered by
employees. It is a new implementation and team members are still
getting used to ensuring that they (1) enter their hours against a
task (2) click the save button and (3) Click the submit button for the
updates to go to the PM for approval.

On the whole it is working good, except that a couple of users
recently said that they entered hours against their tasks but it did
not show up in the Data Analysis views/report the very next day.
Initially, I assumed it was a case of the team member updating the
hours and saving it, but not Submitting it causing the issue. However,
the team member said he is certain that he hits the submit button
after saving his time daily. When checking the Transaction logs in the
Assignment Details page for the task that he entered his updates
against, it shows one record that shows his hours for mon, tue, we,
th, and fri with the submission time showing as Friday. I am thinking
that he if submitted daily, there should be a transaction record daily
for the hours entered and not one for the entire week. The finger is
getting pointed at the system. Please advise.

PS: Task updates are set to be automatically approved by a rules
engine because these are non-project tasks. So no bottlenecks in
approval and projects are published manually before each cube run.

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